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The Potions Master

Now With 50% Less Blood!

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The Potions Master
Community Rules

1. You must be a fan of Severus Snape, and have read all the Harry Potter books

This journal will contain spoilers from the first six books and it's only fair that we don't spoil all the fun for you!  Also, if you're here to scoff at Snape fans then you've got another thing coming!  Besides, it would just be kind of frustrating to have to explain details to a Snape n00b...

2.  No flaming or offensive material
No racist, sexist, homophobic or other potentially damaging comments will be tolerated.  I will moderate carefully and delete any posts/comments and ban any users that do not follow this rule.  However,  if your post contains swearing (the 'FULL ON' kind), violence, sexual references, etc, just put it under an LJ cut and let us all know what it contains.

3.  Use an LJ Cut for posts longer than 500 words
This is just to prevent 'clogging' and I'm sure you'll begin to appreciate it after a while...

4.  Use the 'Tags' on all your posts
Make sure that you use a tag or more to let others know what your post is all about.  Try to use the tags already provided, however there isn't many, and if you believe your post doesn't fit well with any of the ones provided, feel free to make a new one.

5.  Make sure you reference stuff that isn't your own
We're interested in all things Snape, so if you find something on the web that you'd like to share, make sure you tell us where you found it with a link, and if possible, who originally did it.

We all want to have a great Potions Master community and your ideas/suggestions are ENCOURAGED!  Happy Snaping!